Line Pusher/Puller


Jay Jigs Line Pusher/Puller

This tool was developed to push the fishing line away from rubbing or hitting the boat/motors while a fish is running back towards the boat. By pushing the line with the "V" section you can guide the screeming line away from the motors or outdrive ect... until the mate can maneuver the boat so the line is clear from any obstructions.

Adding the hook to the pusher adds in the pulling part of this tool making it a multi use versatile must have on the boat. 

"A must have tool for any type of boat".

I have got more e-mails about the uses of this tool than any other product i have developed.

From picking up a mooring line for a sail boat, raking gill plates on a bluefin tuna to unwinding line from your prop 125 miles offshore without getting wet and anything else you can imagine.

I have heard it all. 

Product specs

The head is made from 316 grade Stainless Steel.

The shaft is made from powerful long lasting E-glass. Virtually indestructible and FLOATS!

Lengths ect....

3-6' works great to grab mooring, lobster/crab pot lines.

6' up to 8'6" great for boats of all sizes inshore/offshore.

Please contact me with any questions anytime.