"The Flying Tail Cuff"


The one and only product like it in the world!

I.G.F.A. Compliant.

Can be used in all tournaments under I.G.F.A. rulings.

All H.D. Stainlees Steel. Made In The USA!

This one of a kind product will eliminate time, energy, frustration and someone to gaff the fishes tail up out of the water so someone else can drape a rope around it.

Not easy to do in calm conditions. Let alone in 6' waves, blowing 25 knots and in the dark.

All resulting in a very dangerous situation.

Heard more stories of fisherman going over the side trying to put on a tail rope. NO MORE!

Don't wait for the fish to come to you.

Using the "Flying Tail Cuff" will give you the ability to secure the fish 12' away from the boat in less than a second in any weather condition.

The "Flying" Design

The Flying design allows the head to release from the shaft as the cuff is locked on to the tail. The teather rope is secured to the head and to a cleat on the boat. END GAME RESULT!

Proceed with your normal routine cooling down the fish, raking gills ect...

Or open the cuff arms and release the fish.

Other uses and reports from fisherman.

"Works great as a swim hook"

"Had no problem hoisting a 550lb fish into the boat".

"Works like a charm, just as you explained it".

"Harpooned the fish after it was cuffed. No missing that way".

"Great product! Took second place in the White Marlin Open 2017".

"No harpoon hole brought more money per pound".

"Was very easy to measure and release a short fish while still in the water".

"I fish by myself, made my life alot easier".

"No need for the harpoon anymore. No misses and more $$$".


Avalible standard and custom shafts (with out head installed)

6' E-glass.

6' 3" Carbon Fiber

8' 3" E-glass

6' 8" Aftco aluminum

IGFA shafts can not exceed 8'

I have made up to a 12' two piece carbon fiber shaft

I can make what ever length you desire to accommodate your fishing needs!

*Also if you already have a Flying Gaff shaft of another brand ect.. 

with a 5/8 opening it will work fine.

Please contact me with any questions anytime.