Custom Fishing Rods


Custom Rod Building

I have been making all types Custom Rods for fisherman and women, commercial and recreational for 26 years.

All my builds start out as a piece of art then it becomes a fishing rod. 

Thats how 100% quality and longevity is achieved. Every time.

I do not mass produce rods! There are steps in between applying components that i do that 

take time. That's how you get a rod with no flaws and strong high luster that holds everything together for a long time!


There are many types of fishing rod components on the market today. 

Over the years I have continued to only use the best available to suit your needs.

Personalize your rod with the boats name, your initals, favorite fish, logo ect....Sky's the limit.


Calster, Black Hole, Sage, Seeker, St. Croix, Lamiglass, Thomas & Thomas,

G.Loomis, R.L. Winston ect...

Guides, Reel seats, Butts

Winthrop, Aftco, Fuji, AB-1, REC, Struble, Stuart, Perfection, Alps, Arcane ect...

Epoxy, Thread

Gudebroad, Flex Coat, Maderia, Sulky, Aftcoat, U-40, Prowrap, Hawk, BD. Classic ect...

Together we will design a fishing rod you will have for a life time.

Please contact me with any questions anytime.