Custom Gaffs


Shaft Quality 101.

Jay Jigs shafts are made of 100% long lasting indestructible E-Glass.

E-glass shafts are very powerful made of fiberglass and carbon mixture making them very strong, light and gives the shaft a slight shock absorbing flex. As well as having no effect from the sun, salt and stress of giant bluefin tuna, sharks ect...

"Use The Gunnel" jam the shaft on the gunnel for extra support and leverage.

And if you drop it don't worry it will FLOAT.


Carbon fiber shafts are known to weaken and deteriorate after a couple years in the 

elements of the ocean. Sun and salt dry out the carbon fiber hairs which in turn makes the shaft brittle and break. Resulting in a very dangerous  situation.

Aluminum shafts hold up well in the elements but don't hold up to the pressure and stress of a thrashing fish. Which in turn makes them bend very easy. 

*Do not attempt to use the gunnel as leverage and do not even let these shafts touch the boat as they will produce stress cracks and eventully bend and break!!!

Very Strong and Well Tested

Jay Jigs Gaffs have been on the water for over 8 years. From battling 1000lb Bluefin Tuna on 

Stellwegon Bank, in the Canyons for swords, Big eye and at Wildcat with a 700lb Mako. I have multiple commercial/charter fisherman on their eighth year with the same gaffs. In season these boats are on the water every possible day working. As you will see in the pictures below alot of these fish are brought in the boat over the rail. 

That's a powerful long lasting reliable gaff!

Hooks and Grips

All the hooks Jay Jigs offer are 316 grade Stainless Steel.

The typical "J" style hook comes in 5 different size gaps and thicknesses for any size fish.

3" gap-5/16 thick, (all inshore fish)

4" gap-7/16 thick, (Inshore and small offshore fish)

5" gap-1/2 thick, (big offshore fish)

H.D. 3" gap-7/16 thick, (offshore fish)

H.D. 4"gap-1/2 thick, ( big offshore fish)

I also stock the Winthrop Tackle Hooks 2", 3", 4" sizes.

Three types of grips. Foam, Hypalon and my personally designed "Soft Stick Grip".

The most popular and cost effective are the standard Foam grips. They take a beating 

and last a long time. The Hypalon grips are tougher than the standard foam, hard to cut and have a softer feel to them. Gaffs made with these grips float.

The "Soft Stick Grip" is something I developed that has now been copied by other gaff builders.

They may look the same but they are not. The feel of this grip is solid. You are locked on and the over wrap layer is non slip even when your hands are soaking wet. Unfortunately non floating.

Add my "Soft Stick Grip" to the hook end of the shaft for a no slip power lifting  advantage.

Gaff sizes

The most popular sizes are 6' and 8'. 

But I can make you anything from 30" to 10'.

All the gaffs are made one by one especially for you and all your fishing needs.

Personalize your Gaff

Add your name, boats name, initials, logos, favorite fish decal ect.... 

Also have your gaff match your set of rods. I will your wrap the same design of your guides. 


Please contact me with any questions anytime.